Hello there! Welcome to my website. I am extremely happy to have you here! I started my online business about a year and half ago, serious this time…. after coming back from Buenos Aires 30 pounds overweight! Looking for a solution I found my current network marketing company, which helped me lose 20 pounds and become healthier.

You need to know one thing about me and that is that I was born, raised and currently living in El Salvador. I am the first born child of both my parents’ first marriage. I say sometimes I am an only child LOL but truly I have 4 amazing siblings who have shown me so much about life. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful family God gave me. I am 30 years old and for all of you curious I am still single and no kids…. only an adopted golden retriever! I come from an entrepreneur family from both sides, so technically business runs through my blood. I knew it was only matter of time for me to find my passion in some sort of business. I used to be not very good at deciding something so drastic for my future as an example it took me three years and a half for me to figure out what career I should study after I graduated high-school… this University situation is a requirement in my family, it had to be done. So when I headed to Argentina for my superior education I started with a Bachelors in Tourism.

I figured since I love to travel, it was the right choice. Soon realized (1 year and a half later) that I didn’t want to deal with tourists as customers hahaha … if you have been in this industry you might understand what I’m saying! As a perk of being in a prestigious University in Argentina I was able to switch & choose a degree from the tons of creative options available so I chose Event Planning. Discovering in the process that it was a passion of mine! Long story short I had to take out a loan to pay for everything, no scholarships available for my grades (so not an athlete). To top it all, the last semester I flunk a final exam from one of my best classes. But of course I had already ran out of money and all options available required a huge amount for my eyes at the time. So had no choice to come back home (El Salvador).

Disappointed with myself I tried to not fall into victim-ville, instead I started looking for a job… I knew the best money making industry here in my home was to work at a call center. I had totally forgotten why I quit from the first one I ever worked at, apparently… Lol. Don’t get me wrong, all this jobs gave me infinite training and coaching experience which I am super grateful for. But they aren’t an environment or type of career I wanted for the rest of my life. I am guilty of something I openly say I am working on… I ended up spending all my money in the wrong things and not saving at all to go back to finish my career. I knew I had to save and invest but all I did was use it to buy me and my now ex-boyfriend whatever we wanted. YES! Wrong choice… ended up because of the environment of the Call Center I was in, almost in a severe nervous breakdown. I was truly on the verge of crying every time I woke up to go to work, not because I didn't love to solve the customers problems because honestly that's a piece of cake for me, but because I could not stand one more beep in my ear of an incoming call and the “enemies” I made for being a great employee even got me “fired” from my Subject Matter Expert position, I wasn't able to help newbies and that was literally the only thing holding me together at that job. So………. I QUIT.

Almost 3 years of my life spent in that environment and guess what, no money to see of it! I would call myself lame but hey not gonna bring myself down for past decisions, they have already passed! Ended up working with my parents in their business (a retirement home) for another 2 years and some months… did not hate it completely but working with your parents as a boss at work & living with them, it definitely did not work for me. Got help to go back to Argentina with the condition I would make my own dough for my living expenses. This is when I discovered what making money online by my own felt like! Working as a free-lancer virtual assistant gave me flexibility and a good pay for Latin American standards… This was the key moment when I knew my life had shifted and I was never looking back to Corporate America it was not my cup of tea. I am amazed by all the progress I've made since then (not even 2 years ago) in my mentality change….

When I got back from Argentina like I told you before I found my current home business. I decided to be of influence, I decided to be a leader, I decided to be a student and I decided to be a teacher to change lives. I am humbled by the opportunities God has given me to become what He dreams of me and what my heart truly desires. I know that the sky has opened for me and I know they can for you too! I have been stressed out and lost in this home business, but not anymore I know the path I should take. I love traveling and being my own boss, I traveled with my friends to Bogotá, Colombia and stayed there 22 days just because I could. We even went to another city called Medellin. We had a blast! My dreams are coming true: helping others with their dreams, being my own boss, managing my time, spending time with my family, traveling with my friends and family, financial freedom!

My passion is definitely helping other entrepreneurs to have success in their business online & offline. Help them have healthy lives, mentally, physically and financially. I thank God for sending me this path where I am part of amazing teams! I am part of this amazing group of passionate leaders, we are The Victory Tribe.

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