Traveling and Working? How Glamorous is it REALLY?

Blog Post #145 Ep. 119 Traveling and working (1)

I started my journey about a 5 weeks ago… I had been dreaming of going to Austin, Texas for the Live the Dream 7 event since last year! I wanted to meet all of my online friends and mentors live. This was the original reason of what I was excited this time. Let's go back for a few years, maybe decades. I have travelled all my life, since the age of 4 years old (I think, my mother might say a year more or a year less) I left my country for the first time. Destination Miami, Florida and the well Orlando OBVIOUSLY to go meet Mickey Mouse. This was the first time I got to experience Magic…. and I fell utterly in love head over heals crazy about this world of possibilities. I blame my family for all the good this created in me. After this, I travelled once a year, every year to the same destination. For real, I met my fantasy characters at least 14 times and I would go every year until God took me out of this World. read more…

Do Events Really Change People?

events change people

Do Events Really Change People's Lives? I used to think that was to a certain degree a lie. I had been to a few events in the Network Marketing industry and I hadn't been changed at all. I was so used to the corporate event thing and well I am not going to lie, I did have loads of fun… but not actual change! So was my life changed this time? read more…

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