The Ultimate Branding Guide for Network Marketers

The Ultimate Branding Guide for Network Marketers Anna Andrea

Welcome to The Ultimate Branding Guide for Network Marketers. Last Year I was starting my online journey and had no idea what to do or where to start. So, to save you some time.. I created this Guide so you can get started and you can save it and come back to it, because it is a lot information. Just take it one chunk at a time ok? I hope you get a ton of value. Download the Free Stuff and Get on my List because soon I will launch an actual workshop! 

Start Here> WARNING: Building your brand will take time, patience and consistency… if you are willing to see the big picture and work your 3 letters off to achieve your dreams, this is definitely the best route out there. Remember Coca-Cola's first-year sales were only 25 bottles, but being persistent worked out for them and millions of brands more! If quitting network marketing isn't an option and you are tired of sending links that no one responds to, if you are tired of posting and posting on Social Media about your products and business opportunity and no one buys or joins; then this is for you.  read more…

3 Easy Tips to Finally Have a Breakthrough

Blog Post #156 Ep. 128 have a breakthrough (2)Struggling isn't Fun and it's not something that we deliberately want to be in. Fighting for a breakthrough in any business or personal situation has to come right after a breakdown, that's the way it is. There's nothing much we can do about avoiding the breakdown before getting to the Breakthrough. There's no spring without winter and they're no rainbows Without Rain and a little bit of fog. A diamond is only made through pressure and heavy cuts so I know what you're going through if you're struggling with your business to have a breakthrough. I was there once and sometimes I still go back there are things I have no idea how to do yet I am working on myself daily in order for me to always have a breakthrough at every point. So how do we have a breakthrough?  read more…

Are Your Facebook Ads Contributing to Your Audience Experience?

facebook ads

I don't know what your experience with Facebook Ads is, but I have been using them for a while now and at the beginning, it was really tough. Mostly I was not very successful with the results that I wanted. Sales. I was not really sure what I was doing and I had no guidance whatsoever. Granted I didn't do the right research before I started to use Facebook ads. So how did I change my results? I invested in knowledge, I attended webinars and trainings to fully understand how to use the system and get the results I wanted. Sales! read more…

How To Use Facebook Live Effectively

Blog Post#154 Ep. 126 facebook live

When Marketing Online the best strategy to build your brand has been always and will keep being always video marketing. In order for people to relate to you you have to get over the fear of the camera and start doing video if you want to really make it online. On today's blog post I will show you how to use Facebook Live and where you can go Live.

read more…

7 Reasons Why You Are Working Too Hard for Too Little

working too much

That feeling of overwhelm you are having right now, we've all had it. I have been there too… I was at a point in my business where I was ready to quit. But I realized that if I quit I was not going to get anywhere and I was not going to achieve my goals. What was going on was that I was working too hard for too little results. I was not leveraging correctly as I thought I was, I was not following instructions from my mentors, I just wanted to do it my way but my way was not getting me anywhere. I've been in the social media world since it started, yes I'm a millennial… but I was working too hard for too little. Let me tell you what was going on …  read more…

Diane’s Magic Moves to Understand Your Audience

understanding your audienceIn order for you to close effectively, you need to understand who you are talking to. Specifically, understand your audience needs and desires. You can't make them a loyal customer or interested in your business opportunity if you don't listen to their needs… you see we think at the beginning of our network marketing career that absolutely everyone needs our products and that it's just NOT true. Not everyone likes to travel, not everyone cares about their health  (sad I know!) and most certainly not everyone cares about wrinkles… LOL I know this might come as a shocker to you, but it is the plain truth. Even if we think that everybody needs them we might encounter lots of rejection if we keep thinking this way. read more…

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